Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Pres. Duterte - Nagbanta Na Ihihinto Ang Pondo sa UP Pag Pinagpatuloy Ang Academic Strike

Photo Credit MB.COM.PH

President Duterte threatened the University of the Philippines (UP) that he will cut off the funding of the school.

President warned them if the students still refuse to go to class and participate in anti-government protests or activities. He resented that the university has becoming a recruitment ground for rebels or communist rebels.

 He said in a televised interview, “Yung mga eskwelahan, UP? Fine. Maghinto kayo ng aral, I will stop the funding.”

He added, “Walang ginawa kung hindi mag-recruit ng mga komunista diyan tapos nag-aaral kayo. Gusto niyo binibira ang gobyerno, masyado naman kaswerte kayo, wag talaga kayo manakot rather, kasi I will oblige you.”

 “You are taking the cudgels of the poor ahead of your time. That is not your worry, that is the worry of government,” Duterte said.

 President assured the students that he and the rest of the government officials are really working and not just sleeping.  He said that they should wait for the next typhoon to see if the aid provided by the government is enough for their satisfaction, and if they are not satisfied, then the students can protest again, he said.

Ateneo also wants to participate in academic strike until the government has given aid to the typhoon victims, but spokesperson Harry Roque said earlier that Ateneo students who will join or participate in the strike will fail if they do not complete their academic requirements.

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