Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Wuhan Re-opens All School Class, And Zero In Coronavirus Cases

Photo from Manila Bulletin

In Wuhan, the central Chinese City where the coronavirus started last year, has opened schools and kindergartens after seven months. This Tuesday, students returned to their class.

Despite the warnings to avoid gatherings, students in Wuhan hoisting their flag, like a routine in every schools. They were advised to always wear face masks and as much as possible avoid public vehicle or trains.

Almost 1.4 million of students returned to classes. They were ordered to conduct a training sessions to prepare for new outbreaks.

China now controlled the spread of the virus, which made them to be able re-opened the schools gradually. Beijing, the capital of China and Shanghai resumed and re-opened schools also.

China has not been reported any new local cases or transmissions of the COVID19 in the past few days.

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