Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Robredo to Duterte: Pagsuot ng Mask at Paghintay sa Vaccine "HINDI SAPAT" Para Labanan ang Pandemic

Vice President Leni Robredo reverts back to President Rodrigo Duterte after lashing out on her after criticizing the government’s insufficient response to Covid-19 pandemic. Vice President Leni Robredo posted on her Facebook account stating that there is more in fighting the pandemic than just waiting for a vaccine and wearing masks.

Watched the regular Monday Presscon tonight: Di ko matiis magkaroon ng takeaways. Hindi yata sapat na basta may ospital, kama at punerarya, ang kailangan nalang gawin ay maghintay ng vaccine.

Last Monday, President Rodrigo Duterte defended his administration in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic and all their efforts in increasing the recovery rate of the patients that were hit by the said virus. President Duterte addressed the public that the only thing people could do at this point in time is to wear masks and wait for the vaccine.

President Duterte also mocked Vice President Robredo, saying that the Vice President should aboard an airplane and spray pesticides all over the country or in Metro Manila, so all people will die. Vice President Leni Robredo responded to this statement of the President by posting on her Facebook account, and insisted on her side that there are main challenges that needs to address on this pandemic.

  • Suppressing the pandemic by means of medical and non-medical interventions;
  • Overcoming humanitarian emergencies, including poverty, hunger, unemployment, mental distress, etc., caused by the pandemic;
  • Restructuring public and private finances in the wake of the pandemic;
  • Rebuilding the economy in an inclusive, resilient, and sustainable way.

Yung number 1 po, hindi ma sosolusyunan sa pag spray ng pesticide sa Manila galing sa eroplano.      

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