Wednesday, August 26, 2020

President Duterte Reveals His Health Condition Can Lead To Cancer

President Duterte was told by his doctor that his Barretts’s esophagus was near to stage one cancer. In his televised address, President Duterte said that he was advised to stop drinking alcohol to stop or avoid the worsening of his ailment.

He admitted that he was suffering from Barrett’s esophagus due his alcohol intake. It is a complication of the gastroesophageal reflux disease. Sometimes the condition can be develop into esophageal cancer.

He talked about his health condition while he was discussing also with his Cabinet members about the commitment to fight the corruption.

He said, “Matagal na kame sa gobyerno magpa-retire na lang, bakit pa naming pagsayangan? Kakaunting panahon na lang ang naiwan so walang, walang.. walang ganang, wala nang ganang kumain.” He also said that old people like him now are more concerned about their health and not wealth.

He added, “May pera ka naman hindi ka na makakain, kay sabi ng doctor huwag kang kumain ng taba kasi mamatay ka.”

President Duterte has been staying in Davao City since this month. He also cleared the rumors that he flew to Singapore for medical emergency. While the palace assured the nation that President is healthy as seen by his public address recently.

It was year 2018 when Duterte said that his cancer tests was negative but he admitted the worsening condition of  Barrett’s esophagus and the reason was also because he has been drinking alcohol again. He also said last year that his doctor takes his blood every other day because of his Buerger’s disease, it is an inflammatory condition of the blood vessels.

President Duterte also confessed that due to his spinal injury from a motorcycle accident, he was in perpetual pain and he was just taking painkillers to subside or ease the pain.

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