Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Luis Manzano, Threatened Jerry Yan's Viral Photo

Filipino fans are swooning once again with Jerry Yan. The 43-year-old-actor who seems to be like a vampire because he is ageless, became a household name first in the Philippines when he played the role of Dao Ming Si in the phenomenal Taiwanese drama “Meteor Garden”. It was aired here in the country year 2003 and it’s almost 20 years ago.
Jerry Yan now is casted in a new drama series “Count Your Lucky Stars” with co-artist Shen Yue, who also played Shan Cai in the re-making of Meteor Garden which also aired here in the Philippines back in 2018.

Screenshots from the drama went viral on social media which show him fully undressed in a bathtub. His photo with good shaped body, his toned abs and mascular biceps are now being shared with his fans on social media.
What’s funny about that, is also Lucky Manzano posted Jerry’s picture contrast on his photo at the right side, with almost the same ambiance, undressed and also at the bathtub with the caption.
“Di naman sa pang-aano Jerry Yan, papunta ka palang, naka-ilang balik na ako… spell Sexy? L-U-I-S. Boom”
Jerry Yan also visited the country and was an Ambassador of Bench. He even went to Malacañang Palace and got to meet the Former President, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

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