Thursday, August 20, 2020

Government Set Aside 2.5 Billion Budget for Vaccine in 2021 National Budget

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 Self medication, therapeutics are good for those in the treatment phase or stage. Facemasks, face shields, proper handwashing, disinfectant and keeping the distance, although more effective in a bubbler environment and most peopled place. But truly, the ultimate deterrent and protection that we all know and praying for, is the creation or develpment of the vaccine, an effective vaccine to fight the infection and kill the virus in our bodies.

Although our country is unable at this pint to join in the vaccine sweeps, the Duterte government ensures we get reservations from the countries that scientifically studying the vaccine development.

Wendell Avisado, the Budget Secretary, confirmed an initial allocation of 2 and half of billion for the million doses of the vaccine for the coronavirus in next year’s proposed national budget. In President Duterte’s statement, he confidently assured the nation’s financial capability, that we can procure any of viral antidote  released by Beijing or Moscow in the near future. The schemes of payments was also cleared.

“We have included P2.5 billion for one million vaccines in the proposed 2021 national budget but the DOF (Department of Finance) has another source to buy the vaccines good for 20 million,” that’s what he said when he asked about where will the government source funds to buy the vaccines.
Both the Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) and LandBank shall source the funds.
Moscow’s Sputnik V vaccine could be ready by April next year, as per statement of the Philippine Council for Health Research and Development last week.

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