Friday, August 28, 2020

Duterte Said Brighter Days Await In The Country, And Asked Congress To Pass The 2021 Nat'l Budget

President Duterte said “Brighter days” await the country, despite the hardships that coronavirus pandemic brought to this country, in a recent budget message to the Congress.

The President acknowledge the hardships and destructions caused by coronavirus pandemic this past few months, but he still managed to talk about optimism and nation will “heal, recover and win” against the health crisis that we’re facing.

President positively talked about hope in this gloomy weather, and asking the Congress to pass the proposed national budget for 2021 that worth P4.506 trillion.

Department of Budget and Mangement submitted the proposal budget to Congress that aims to strengthen government to effectively respond and recover from this pandemic.

President Duterte said, “Despite the turbulence of a world health crisis, I stand steady with the same confidence and certainty  but now of one who believes that beyond these bleaks times are brighter days.”

He added, “Indeed we have gone through a lot of these past months but let me say this, we will prevail. Our people gifted with faith, resilience and creativity will overcome this crisis. We will heal, and will recover and we will win.”

He admitted that this health crisis shook the whole nation and gave destruction in terms of people’s lives and livelihood and efforts must sustained for the economic recovery.

President said, “With your review and speedy approval of our proposed national budget of P4.506 trillion for fiscal year 2021, we will get back on our journey, on the road again moving forward, getting our normal back, reclaiming our future.”

This COVID19 infected more than 200,000 people and the country suffers into recession after the economy went down and affected businesses and millions of Filipinos are jobless.

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