Friday, August 21, 2020

Duterte Remembered Ninoy Aquino, And Has Message For Filipino In this Pandemic

Philippine President, Rodrigo Duterte wished or urged the Filipinos to emulate courage and patriotism of the late Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino. The nation commemorates his 37th death anniversary. President Duterte honored the late senator whose life has a big impact on governance, and have uplifted the lives of many Filipino.

 In a Ninoy Aquino Day Message, he said; “As this important occasion is remembered during this time we are facing a global public health crisis, may we emulate Ninoy’s courage and patriotism so we may all be heroes through acts of discipline, goodwill and social responsibility.”

He also called the public to cooperate or work with the government in fighting the COVID 19 pandemic that the world is facing. Duterte said “I call on everyone to cooperate and work with the government so that we may keep ourselves, our families and our communities safe. May we also generously share our resources to those who have less in life during these trying times.”

Ninoy Aquino was prisoned in the United States of America in 1980. He had a heart attack and on August 21, 1983 he returned to the country, and that’s where he was assassinated at the Manila International Airport. The Philippines or country’s gateway was named after him.

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