Friday, August 28, 2020

Check Out This Modern Version of Bahay Kubo, Designed by Bohol-based Architect

As they say, bigger is always better when it comes to building your own dream house, but to this Zamora Architect a Bohol-based firm, dream house can also be as simple as bahay kubo with complete functions and provides comfort.

It also represents the Philippine culture. Check out this beautiful modern version of bahay kubo and see how everything blends together including the design and elements with classic.

The tiny home has a simple ladder instead of a traditional and common stairs to save more space.
They also made sure there is enough room for common living area, kitchen and dining, the bathroom is also spacious. These are all on the first floor of the house.

The second floor shows a minimalist style of bedroom with a view of the outdoors.
One of the architects gave an estimation of how much this type of house cost. The bare building valued or range PHP18,000 to PHP20,000 per square meter. If you include the cabinets it would increase to around PHP25,000 to PHP30,00O per square meter.
He said, “To compute the total cost, you just multiply the cost per square meter to the area of the building which is around 35 square meters.”

If you really want this kind of house a complete and modern bahay kubo, you can at least prepare PHP875,OOO

The Zamora Architects gathered and attracted thousands of reactions to their design, and looks like they have a lot of line ups next to them. 

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