Tuesday, July 28, 2020

The Reason Why Black & White Photos Of Women Are On The Feeds Now

In case you are wondering, why black and white photos of women are all over in the feeds today. It’s about women rooting for women- but also, it is a perfectly good excuse to post a nice photo of yourself. In additional to that mystery, is the fact that women who post their photo don’t explain why black and white are the aesthetic du jour or that most of the captions simply read or tag: Challenge accepted

It is a viral challenge that is spreading via DM or PM, that wants to promote self-love, acceptance and women rooting for other women. Now a days there are several criticisms among women, and we should take care of each other, we should lift each other. Support one another and stop the bad vibes. Those who receive a message are told to post their black and white photo and write challenge accepted, and then tag the person who sent them the message.

You will be instructed to challenge 50 women as well. “I choose you because you are beautiful, strong and incredible” written on the message.

Artist or stars and like us, regulars are on the challenge now to post their photo on the feed. So, here is your chance to post a photo that you’ve been wanting to show off, even in the middle of this chaos.

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